Woofie Daycare

Hello everyone! Woofie Training School has expanded! We are now a daycare centre as well, and we specialise in keeping our fur friends well-mannered and safe throughout their stay with us. We are always worried that our fur buddies might learn bad habits outside from home, but socialising is a must to have fun isn't it? 

That is why at Woofie Daycare, our dedicated trainers will be present throughout our fur friend's stay to provide a well controlled environment where your doggies can play to their heart's content and stay safe! 

Send your precious fur friends to Woofie Daycare where they can roam free and socialise in our 1,500 sqft space that includes an Obstacle Course and Ball Pit! 

Daycare Benefits


Woofie Daycare provides an excellent environment for socialization, exercise, and lots of playtimes!

Woofie Trainers will be present at all times to ensure safety for all!


Doggos be able to burn off some energy and get the physical activity they need to stay healthy.

Along with exercise, they'll also be mentally stimulated to keep their mind sharp!

Separation Anxiety

Playing with new furfriends can help reduce the symptoms of separation anxiety over time.

While it may not completely cure separation anxiety in all dogs, it is a healthy way to limit alone time.

Maintains Routine

Doggies strive from doggie daycare! Our friendly trainers will be around throughout the day to make sure our paw friends maintain their good habits whilst away from home.

Peace of Mind

Coming home to a destroyed house, or even just a very sad pup can be stressful.
With our daycare, you are able to relieve your stress and worry about what you may go home to, you can also focus on work while you doggo is having a blast with their buds under our watchful eye.

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