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Dog Walker

Basic Obedience Training

- Assist in Toilet Training

- Educate Clients on The          Different Leashes and            Collar etc (Q&A)

- Educate Clients on The           Medical First Aid                     Treatment for Their               Furkids (Q&A)

- Help Owners learn to take     the Lead and Start Being       the Alpha!

- Able to Control them in         walks and at home too!

- Help to Burn Their Mental     Energy so that is Easier       to Learn New Things!

- Heel (Dog Walk by your         side)

- Sit (Auto Sit whenever we     stop)

- Down (On Command)

- Stay (On Command)

Making Funny Face

Behaviour Training

- Aggression

  * Food Aggression 

  * Territorial Aggression

  * Possessive Aggression 


- Non-Aggression

  * Barking/Whining

  * Puppy Biting 

  * Anxiety

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